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Notes from Ryan Dahl’s talk “On Node.js” at Cloudstock

Here are my notes from Ryan Dahl’s talk “On Node.js” at Salesforce’s Cloudstock event on 12/6:

  • Google put a lot of thought into v8 performance
  • Node is a set of bindings to v8 to allow js to do non-browser things
  • “I/O needs to be done differently”
  • There’s a big difference between dealing w/ stuff from the cache vs from a network.
  • nginx is just 3x better than apache in terms of # concurrent clients x # req/sec, but nginx’s mem usage is nearly constant vs apache’s steep curve towards 40 mb
  • apache uses a thread for each request, whereas nginx uses a single thread w/ an event loop
  • it’s well known that you need to use an event loop f you want to go crazy w/ concurrency
  • but even w/ an event loop, you pay dearly for blocking processes
  • we should be writing all of our i/o using non-blocking calls
  • sleep() is a blocking operation
  • Why “transfer encoding: chunked” by default? because we don’t know the full size of the response, and we can start returning immediately
  • each connection costs 1-2 kb minimum
  • random, humorous paraphrase: … !==, not !=, i hate javascript. Coding on stage is so difficult …
  • questions
    • when is node going to become stable? we have a stable branch (0.2), and 0.3 branch will break backwards compatability. I want this to be awk. I want it to be a unix util
    • how’s the hosting landscape looking? joyent is working on a special service for node, which is in its beta. heroku has some stuff. you can always use a general vps w/ an ops layer like monit.
    • interesting applications? node is good for realtime, massive concurrency sorts of things. is a bot on an irc room which geolocates chats btwn people in a room.
    • what do you think about express? express is a web framework for node. it looks cool
    • what do you think about node being tied to v8? untying it doesn’t make sense at this point, but I’m appy w/ v8.

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December 6, 2010 at 12:32 pm

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opensocial.weekendapps: joyent

– opensocial apps are free for 6 months

– servers run solaris

– netbeans supports php, java

– virtualbox?


– sun will be releasing a compute and storage cloud services

– joyent features

— root access

— php, ruby, etc.

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February 21, 2009 at 11:43 am

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igoogle tips from opensocial birthday 08

-focus on content

-no profile page

-maximize info density

-reduce latency

–set headers for css & js

–combine/minify js

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November 13, 2008 at 10:59 pm