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Client-side stream processing

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Given a bus and store:

struct Post {
  let id: String
  var text: String
  var likeState: Bool
protocol State {}
struct RootState : State {
  var userId: String? = nil
  var posts: [String:Post] = [:]
protocol Renderable {
  func render(_ state: State)
struct PostsImpression: Event {}
struct LikeRequested: Event {
  let postId: String
  let likeState: Bool
class Reducer : Subscriber {
  let store: Store
  let controller: Renderable
  var state: RootState
  init(store: Store, controller: Renderable, state: RootState){ = store
    self.controller = controller
    self.state = state
  func onEvent(event: Event){
    switch event {
    case _ as PostsImpression:
    case let event as LikeRequested:
      store.set("likes/\(state.userId!)/\(event.postId)", event.likeState)
    case let event as Value where event.key.hasPrefix("likes"):
      let postId = event.key.components(separatedBy: "/").last!
      let likeState = event.val as! Bool
      state.posts[postId]?.likeState = likeState
    case let event as Value where event.key.hasPrefix("posts"):
      let post = Post(
        id: event.key.components(separatedBy: "/").last!,
        text: event.val as! String,
        likeState: false) 
      state.posts[] = post


Redux’s reducer inspired me to think about this. Kleppmann’s blog post on turning the database inside out inspired me to think about stream processing in general.


Consolidate event processing from UI and data streams.

Written by Erik

August 16, 2017 at 3:53 pm

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