Ruby utility for YQL storage


  • I want to be able to interact w/ YQL storage as easily as I can w/ SQLite on my own machine.  Ideally, I’d just like to be able to say storage.use(‘table’).set(‘foo’, ‘bar’) and forget about it.


  • This class is based on the SQLite utility class, YQL utility function, and simple key/val layer for YQL storage I recently posted.  The methods available are use(), set(), and get().  The use() method accepts the select, update, and execute addresses of a YQL storage record.  Calling get() or set() fires off a request to read or write, respectively, a key using the YQL key/val table.


  • An “installation” (it’s just a couple static files on your server) of the YQL key/val table mentioned above
  • All other requirements are the same as for the SQLite class & YQL fn mentioned above


class YqlStorage
  def use(settings={})
    @settings = settings
    return self
  def get(key)
    response = yql( %{
      use 'http://{your domain}/kv.xml' as kv;
      select * from kv where key = '%s' and select = '%s'
    } % [ key, @settings[:select] ] )
    if response['error']
      raise 'error: %s ' % response['error']['description']
    elsif !response['query']['results']
      return nil
    return response['query']['results']['result']
  def set(key, val)

    response = yql( %{
      insert into kv (key, val) values ('%s', '%s')
    } % [ key, val ], { 'env' => 'http://{your domain}/kv.env' } )
    if response['error']
      raise 'YQL error: %s ' % response['error']['description']
    return response


  1. Save the code below into a file
  2. Edit the file to change all occurrences of ‘{your domain}’ to your domain
  3. Use (ha!) the YQL storage addresses defined in the key/val table setup for the use() settings
  4. here’s some example code
    store = {
      # get these from YQL:
      :execute => 'store://h5Y4iRockdwzZdEHvGbBkCe',
      :select => 'store://deGTN05aNePaper04EOL30W',
      :update => 'store://qG4Scissors8917SHDjv88Wb'
    } )
    store.set( 'foo', 'bar' )
    p store.get( 'foo' )

Please let me know if you’ve got any suggestions/questions.  

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