steps for merging changes from a remote clone of a git repo

I’m a fan of github, but I don’t know how to apply changes made to a clone of my repo, usually announced via a pull request. The goal of this post, then, is to define these steps. Note: the steps below pulled in the changes as desired, but also auto-committed them despite the —no-commit flag, so these steps need refinement.


  • a git repo named origin
  • committer has issued a pull request. For this example, I’ll use a committer named FooBaz


  1. add commiter’s repo as a remote
    • copy clone url for pull requester’s repo, eg git://
    • define remote repo: git remote add FooBaz git://
    • view list of remotes as sanity check: git remote show
  2. pull in FooBaz’s changes:
    • run: git pull --no-commit FooBaz master
    • note: this actually committed the changes for me ๐Ÿ˜
  3. push changes to origin repo: git push origin master