attempt to restart/stop yaws failed

I’ve got yaws (git hash 5f35f5b7451ea4388c53df9f4e00caad0caa6b45) running on CentOS 5.3.  I just added a virtual host entry in yaws.conf and tried to restart yaws, but the restart failed:

[me@mymachine /]$ sudo etc/init.d/yaws restart
Stopping yaws:                                             [FAILED]

After hunting around a bit, it seems yaws will fail to restart (and stop) if the docroot doesn’t point to an actual directory.  In my case, I added the virtual host entry before actually creating the docroot directory.  Making the directory fixed the problem.

2 thoughts on “attempt to restart/stop yaws failed

  1. ¿How did you get the yaws init script? I only have /usr/local/bin/yaws and doesn’t have restart method

    1. Hi Eduardo. The init.d script in the github repo defines a restart option, so I think this might be an installation issue, i.e., that init.d script is not being copied to your init.d directory when yaws is installed. Can you edit the control script your system is using for yaws and add a custom restart option?

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