tutorial: getting started with blogging bundle in textmate

I just discovered the blogging bundle in textmate. It works great, but I was a bit confused about how to get started.



  • you need to have a WordPress blog (or any blog that uses the MetaWeblog API)


  • launch textmate
  • from the Bundles menu, select Blogging
  • select Setup Blogs from menu
  • in the file that opens, enter your blog’s name and the url for it’s xmlrpc endpoint

  • save and close that file
  • create a new file, and, optionally, put some text in it
  • go back into the Bundles—> Blogging menu and select Post To Blog
  • when prompted, enter a title for your blog post, and then your WordPress username and password (3 separate prompts).

    The bundle will then publish the contents of your file as a post to your blog.