barcamp san diego 5: “monitoring websites and iphone apps”

– levels of monitoring
— cust experience
— synthetic api
— synthetic ui
— server health
— jbosss/jvm
— db

– strategy
— build a mesh of monitoring, eg great customer experience even though a jboss server failed

– quicken iphone experience
— built on top of an existing service
— mobile app services need to be decoupled from any underlying product
— recording, logging, and monitoring transactions need to be captured in such a way as to determine new info, eg device type
— building and testing on an iphone is very different from the traditional web model
— put app and provision file on a server so all testers can install the app remotely
— apple approval process is a black box

– operation and design considerations
— apps must be designed to handle variables beyond backend’s control
— network failure
— failure of required external services, eg google maps
— crash logs sent back to server
— accepting call in the middle of transaction will close app

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– tools
— nagios
— used for monitoring databases
— bigbrother
— gomez
— used for synth ui testing