barcamp san diego 5: “hotruby + jquery”

– how to use ruby in the browser w/ using jquery
– history of js
— created by brendan eich in 1994
— based on scheme and lisp
— netscape got partnership w/ sun, so the language had to look like java
— IE duplicates it
— netscape tries to standardize it
— prototype -> implemented -> deployed -> standardized very quickly

– js is not dead yet
— most common platform (now on server w/ rhino)
— the most common programming lang
— the lang of the internet
— most problems aren’t so bad

– hotruby
— may be more performant than interpreted ruby
— write in ruby, compile it, and exec it in js vm
— not much changed after 2007
— original hotruby on github
— takes ruby bytecode as an input and runs it via js in the browser(!)
— now plugin req’d

– speaker’s work
— speaker has been updating it to ruby 1.9.1
— run this and look at response in firebug to see ruby bytecode
— sends text boxt content to server, compiles it to ruby bytecode, sends it back, and runs it using hotruby interpreter
— will run in all browsers
— look for “hotruby” in