ETech Freetech: Hitesh from Grroup on tech in social activism

– hitesh and friend were in mumbai at the time of the attacks

– started facebook: “ending terrorism with non-violence”

– started wondering bout how to empower all these groups

– talked w/ 20+ groups

– how can these groups help each other?

– how can they form one achievable goal?

– what is available now in terms of tech?

— digg-style lists

— obama’s campaign methods

— this is actually hitesh’s inspiration.  They talked with Chris Hughes.  the common goal was to get obama elected, but they used various different methods.

– “causes” app on facebook focuses on generating money and members, but Hitesh’s goal is different: how to opensource the social movement

– can you think of a person who emerged frim the noise w/o having a pre-existing political presence? (Christine)

— generating “cult of personality around a change-maker”

— do online tools accelerate or are they the genesis?