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opensocial.weekendapps: monetization using virtual currency panel

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– a lot of code gets thrown out -> if you see yourself writing a lot of code or spending a lot of time on a feature, stop.

– most of the panelists make all their money on virtual money and almost no money on banner ads

– take advantage of best-practices

— gift giving

— reverse bell-curve pricing to qty sold

— limited edition goods

— aftermarket for virtual goods

– create and control scarcity

— check out user-generated scarcity

– create games across profiles

– don’t raise prices.  set expectations and leave yourself an open door by saying items are offered at this price only for a limited time

– offerpal?

– currency inflation

— ingame currency vs outside market

— use metrics to track sinks and sources

Written by Erik

February 20, 2009 at 8:31 pm

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