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– 2 guys
– appengine
– 37 million installs in one year

– 600 million opensocial users

– 800K installs in 3 weeks on hives

— $3.60 ecpm vs. $0.1 on orkut

– take advantage of user-transaltion

– take advantage of all the opensocial containers

— insulation from containers failing

— unknown niches

– virality

— invites are ignored

— personal messages are super effective

— user-created/-customized invites are also effective

– buddypoke is 1000 lines of code

– hosting

— joyent, aws, sun scale too, but developers still need to do a lot of work

– global audience

— test on a 10-year-old laptop

— use internet cafe

— 99% windows

— linux 0.50%

— use virtual box for ubuntu

– opensocial to facebook

— use an iframe fb app

— abstract out js com layer

— add hooks

— if u use fbml, you’ll have to rewrite your ui

– app diversity

— no more gifting apps

— try to partner

— most sites want quality

– user generated content

— best way to grow apps

— bpoke has 2500 videos

– virality

— push images to activity stream

— invite policies vary container to container

— tailor content for specific sites

— traffic doubles the day after launch

– take advantage of all the features

— proxy flash files to container

— move as much of the hit off our servers to container’s server

— bpoke does a billion page views per week

— benefit from container server’s locality

— only hit server if viewer is ower

– monetization

— just use banner ads

— target different countries

— virtual currency

— peanut labs?

Written by Erik

February 20, 2009 at 7:56 pm

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